Pre-Order – Workout Wig Cap



Want to look good on the go? Having a bad hair day? Looking for a quick hair  fix? Look no more, introducing the workout wig available for just $39. You can dress up with this hat or dress down to go workout but however you wear it you’ll look great. Available in 3 colors and one size fit all with adjustable strap. Purchase yours today


-28 inch

– Hair can last up to one year with proper care

– Wig stocking cap & hair care instructions included

Slimming Coffee


WaistWatcherz Slimming Coffee
Suppress Appetite •
increased metabolism•
Energy • Fat burner

Advantage and Benefits

WaistWatcherz slimming coffee is a drink for a healthier you. It suppresses your appetite, preventing you from binge-eating or craving foods that will make you gain weight. It enhances your energy levels without making you hyperactive and eliminates the risk of hypertension. This new slimming coffee from WaistWatcherz should be combined with healthy eating and regular exercise. Contains a green tea extract & garcinia cambogia

3 Week Trim Down – Updated


 3 Week Trim Down Diet & Workout
I followed this meal plan for my own transformation & it worked like a charm! I lost 11lbs, inches loss in my waist, & still was able to build and tone my lower body
The diet plan is very strict! There are options for each meal but it’s not a lot of variety. I made it that way to give you a routine meal plan designed to lose fat & build muscle in 3 weeks

Guts and Glutes – 14 Day Online Workout


Eliminate belly fat and lift the butt with this 14 day online workout. For 2 weeks we will target the stomach area and buttocks.

Only $20

  • The 1st Week you will complete all workout videos at home. The 2nd Week you will complete all workouts in the gym of your choice (wherever you have a membership)
  • A meal plan is included which contains the appropriate foods to lose weight in the stomach area.
  • This workout is yours to keep, once purchased the workout will be emailed to you within the hour.

Waistline Workout – Online Workout


Whatever your target area is, let me help you achieve it! I have an online workout for your fitness goals. All workouts come with a meal plan or healthy foods list. Click the link in my bio for your choice of workout plan.

  • Flat Tummy Food List Provided
  • 30 minute workout dedicated to trimming the waistline