3 Week Trim Down – Updated


 3 Week Trim Down Diet & Workout
I followed this meal plan for my own transformation & it worked like a charm! I lost 11lbs, inches loss in my waist, & still was able to build and tone my lower body
The diet plan is very strict! There are options for each meal but it’s not a lot of variety. I made it that way to give you a routine meal plan designed to lose fat & build muscle in 3 weeks

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 3 Week Trim Down Diet & Workout

The New & Improved 3 Week Trim Program is now available!! This plan was already brilliant and guaranteed results but I’ve upgraded workouts, added more options to the meal plan, added bonus bootcamp workouts to each week, added supplement recommendations … AND THE PRICE IS STILL THE SAME! This workout program requires a gym for exercise and workouts. Purchase yours on FitwitBritt.com NOW💪🏾


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3 Week Trim Down

Meal Plan & Gym Workout


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