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12 Sessions of Weight Training in Gym with Meal Plan


The 12 Session Weight Training in Gym with Meal Plan Package includes the following:

  • Weight Training in gym (2 on 1 training) or 12 sessions and meal plan for = $360
  • (Workout 3 days a week)
  • Gym Location in Mid City
  • Plus one free group class at FitChixs a week

3 Week Trim Down


 3 Week Trim Down Diet & Workout
I followed this meal plan for my own transformation & it worked like a charm! I lost 11lbs, inches loss in my waist, & still was able to build and tone my lower body
The diet plan is very strict! There are options for each meal but it’s not a lot of variety. I made it that way to give you a routine meal plan designed to lose fat & build muscle in 3 weeks

Baby Bump Online Workout


Fit Wit Britt “Baby Bump Online Workout”

Safe and Effective Prenatal Workout that is modified for each Trimester.

Healthy Meal Plan included $15

Band Camp Workout


Band Camp Workout

Full Body Loop resistance band workout

-3 Custom Bands will be mailed to you (Light, Medium, Heavy)

-Workout will be emailed to you

-Meal plan provided

Enjoy this 35 min workout in the comfort of your own home

FitChixs Group Classes


TheFitChixs Group Classes includes the following:

  • Group classes @ FitChixs location in Gretna Mon – Thurs.
  • Class times: 8:30 am, 10 am, 5:30 pm,& 7 pm
  • $125 unlimited for a month includes meal plan and Boot Camp

Guts and Glutes – 14 Day Online Workout


Eliminate belly fat and lift the butt with this 14 day online workout. For 2 weeks we will target the stomach area and buttocks.

Only $20

  • The 1st Week you will complete all workout videos at home. The 2nd Week you will complete all workouts in the gym of your choice (wherever you have a membership)
  • A meal plan is included which contains the appropriate foods to lose weight in the stomach area.
  • This workout is yours to keep, once purchased the workout will be emailed to you within the hour.